Control your Apple TV with your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch



If you’re already accustomed to the touch screen of your iPhone, you might find the Apple TV remote control a bit uncomfortable to control your TV.
If so, you can use Remote, an application that allows you to control your Apple TV from the touch screen of your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. You can browse the screen of your Apple TV and use the virtual keyboard of your device to enter text. For the app to work properly, you must enable Share at home on both devices. Check: How to use apple tv without remote and turn on apple tv without remote

If you are one of those users who have succumbed to the charms of the Apple TV you will agree with us that it is especially annoying when you can not find your remote control or, directly, do not feel like getting off the couch to pick it up … In that case you should know an interesting alternative : Remote . This is an official Apple application that allows us to use our iPhone or iPad to control the multimedia accessory. In this simple tutorial we explain how.

Steps to follow

  • Download Remote from the Apple Store
  • Once installed run the application
  • In Remote, tap Activate “Share at Home”
  • Enter your Apple ID, password and click Ok.
  • On the main application screen, slide your finger on the screen to scroll through the TV screen. Tap on the screen to select an icon or option. Use the menu button to go back or return to the main menu.

Does the remote or Apple Remote of your Apple TV not work or does not respond as it should? Today we will see some tricks so that you can solve this problem and continue enjoying your Apple TV in the living room or, like me, lying in bed

Revive the control of your Apple TV

A few days ago the remote control of my  Apple TV , the aluminum, stopped working, all of a sudden. When it was pressed the LED indicator blinked three times in white, but nothing at all, the iCacharro refused to react, so I set to work before taking the trip to the  Apple Store Murcia for nothing.

I’m going to ignore those somewhat absurd tips like “make sure you aim well at Apple TV ” and we’re going to get into the heart of the matter.

First of all, these solutions that we are going to see are for when the control works, that is to say, emits signal, but the Apple TV does not react, that is to say, that if it does not emit any better signal it begins by changing the pile before doing something else

First, try to re- link the command , you may have lost the link for some reason. Do it as explained in the Apple technical support:

  • On an aluminum Apple Remote, press and hold the Menu and Right buttons for six seconds.
  • On older versions of the white Apple Remote, press and hold the Menu and Next / Fast Forward buttons for six seconds.

You can also follow these steps using the Remote app from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch:

  1. Select Settings> General> Remote Controls from the Apple TV main menu .
  2. Select Link Apple Remote.

When you have successfully connected the Apple Remote, the Apple TV will display a linked links symbol (   ) above the command icon. Once linked, the Apple TV will only accept the general use commands of the linked command.

If this does not work and your command is still in the same situation as in the beginning, it is likely that the signal has crossed with another command that walks around the house, is what I thought. So the solution is to  remove the link from the Apple Remote . This you can do from the same command that “does not work”, which blinks three times in white color your Apple TV but does nothing more. Again, we follow the instructions that Apple tells us in its technical support page:

  • On an aluminum Apple Remote, press and hold the Menu and Left buttons for six seconds.
  • On older versions of the white Apple Remote, press and hold the Menu and Previous / Back buttons for six seconds.

You can also follow these steps:

  1. Select Settings> General> Remote Controls from the Apple TV main menu .
  2. Select Unlink with the Apple Remote.

When you have successfully deleted the link from a remote, the Apple TV will display a separate link symbol ( ) above the command icon, at the top left of your screen.

At this moment my control already worked perfectly but, in your case it is not, you must link your Apple Remote again with your Apple TV . To do this follow the instructions we have seen before.

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Do you find the Apple IR remote for the AppleTV a problem more than a help? The command is cute, and I am very happy with it, but of course it can be uncomfortable for some people with big hands.

The good thing is that Apple gives you the possibility of using another remote control with your AppleTV without excessive complications. You simply need to show your AppleTV the buttons on your new remote control .

To configure a new command you must follow the following steps:

  • Start your AppleTV and access the preferences of the computer.
  • Select the option General / Remote and then the option: “Configure a new control”.
  • Now you will see on your screen the buttons that you must show to your new control. Simply press on your new control, in the order shown on the screen, the different buttons that you will use for these functions.

Apple specifies that not all controls are supported , but a large majority work without problem. If you have a TV with a remote capable of controlling more than one device is a good option to save you another remote on the sofa.

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